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Sick of Sweating Off Your Brow Makeup?

At Knockout, the majority of your service is spent designing your dream brows. Yep, that's right. You’re 100% involved in the design process. A microblade is never opened before you’re completely satisfied with the shape.

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With so much constant pressure on women to fit into a certain mold, I'm here to encourage you to stand out! Who says tough women can't be gorgeous too? Strong is sexy! Confidence is hot! Sometimes all a girl (or guy) needs is a kick-ass set of lash extensions or some bold brows to enhance their inner knockout. 

Knockout Beauty is All About Unleashing Your Inner Badass.

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Your individuality is what makes you a Knockout.

Every brow design and each set of lashes are completely customizable and tailored to fit your exact lifestyle—from the most natural to the most fierce. 

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Are you ready to roll out of bed with perfect brows and lashes and take on your day like the boss you are? (Kim Kardashian, who?!) It's time to stop guessing your brow shape and fighting with your falsies every morning. I mean, who doesn't love a few extra Z's? #IWokeUpLikeThis

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Like all great podcasts—it started with a rant. Why does society get to determine what is beautiful, normal, or 'the right way' to look or act? It stirred up a fight in me. It empowered you. And now it's a podcast.

The Podcast

you're a knockout!

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“Rachel totally transformed my self-confidence. She took away my biggest insecurity (my brows) in a single day!”



I'm Rachel, lover of beauty and self-proclaimed tomboy.

Growing up, I was very into sports, dirt bikes, four-wheelers, and boxing. In other words, things that weren't necessarily common among my fellow cosmetologists and it often left me feeling like a total outcast.

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Your old brows? Yeah, they're already jealous.

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